Carrion Crown + Homebrew

Around Town: Laughing Demon

Laughing Demon

The adventurers visit the Laughing Demon tavern. Rinthalion orders some fine roasted taters after hearing the other delicacies that Zokar has to offer (vampire steaks, wolfballs, corpse chowder, and liquid ghosts).

While spending some time at the tavern a local musician group begins to play music.

Psychic emanation from Harrowstone occurs and the music calls to two bloody stirges from the nearby woods. These stirges do not attack the musicians but do cause tremendous ability damage to the party while sucking their blood.

Post-fight Rinthalion accuses the musicians of being black sorcerers! He tramples and destroys their instruments that he mistakenly thinks was the source of the stirge invasion. After much discussion and lamenting Rinthalion mends the musician’s instruments for hours while keeping his unwanted elf ears out of sight.



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