Carrion Crown + Homebrew

Funeral Rites
Gathering of Heroes

The players have all been invited to attend the last will and testament of Professor Petros Lorrimor.

The Restlands

Fast forward to the funeral in The Restlands. Zokar Elkarid, Vashian Hearthmount, and Gharen Muricar accompany the new found “friends” in the funereal procession. Father Grimburrow and two gravediggers await them at the family plot.

While the “friends” act as pallbearers they are accosted by a throng of thugs from town. Gibs is one of the main rabble rousers. Smooth talking is performed by Violeta and the crowd disperses.

Hobgoblins attack! Hobgoblins defeated! All hail Quincy/Trill’s mounts being ridiculously good.

Solomon’s channel positive energy causes a surprise!

False Crypt
Lost Cache

The friends have uncovered from Professor Lorrimor’s journal the location of a cache of weapons to be used against the undead. Sadly it is the property of the church of Pharasma.

Quincy travels to discuss the matter with Father Grimburrow. Winning his trust by confiding in him his own worship of Pharasma and wanting to help the town Father Grimburrow accedes. His one demand is that two of his acolytes accompany them on this journey.

He sends Jazerenti and <name> along with them in the morning.

The friends battle Giant Centipedes in the False Crypt. Once located the find the loot cache that Professor Lorrimor described.

Temple of Pharasma’s Loot Cache
· 12 silver arrows

· 4 sun rods

· 6 flasks of holy water

· 10x +1arrows

· 5x +1 ghost touch arrows

· 2x +1 undead bane arrows

· 5 potions of cure light wounds

· 2 potions of lesser restoration

· 1 scroll of detect undead

· 2 scrolls of hide from undead

· 1 scroll of protection from evil

· 1 thin darkwood case (scarab with eye) containing:

· 1 brass tool to speak with dead (Brass Spirit Planchette)

· 4 haunt siphons

· 6 empty spaces for haunt siphons

Town Hall
Is Burning!

As the magnitude of eerie events in Ravengro grows, the town’s citizens begin growing increasingly nervous and frightened. The town council calls for a meeting at the town hall to discuss the citizens’ fears and address possible solutions, hoping that such a display of authority will calm everyone down and buy some time—perhaps enough for a messenger to reach one of the larger neighboring cities for help. Unfortunately, the large gathering attracts the attention of the ghostly inmates, and they focus all of their growing power on the town
hall. The spirits sense an opportunity for revenge on the villagers, using the same tactics that their ancestors employed 50 years ago.

The friends have been invited to the meeting that they have been begging for to happen for so long when it all goes horribly awry. Psychic backlash from Harrowstone manifests in the form of flying Flaming Skulls!

Jess’s ninja appears with Ben’s monk and destroy these psychic manifestations. Quincy knocks out a wall and escorts villagers to safety. The friends save all the townsfolk and are named protectors. The council begs them to rid the town of their troubles and the prison of Harrowstone is at the center of it all.

Around Town: Monumental Desecrations
Monumental Desecrations

The friends check out the monument dedicated to the lost souls from the fire at the prison of Harrowstone. This monument has recently been covered in blood with a letter added.

Spending the night multiple times the friends do not manage to determine who has been scrawling the letters on this monument.

The letters spell “V E S O” so far but has been explained to be “VESORIANNA” the name of the former Warden of Harrowstone’s wife. She was one of the lost souls that died during the fire and collapse of the prison. She is the lovely blue ghost trying to block the psychic emanations from the prison of Harrowstone.

Trill fights off undead who was hiding under a bridge on the way back from the monument exploration.

Harrowstone: Outer Grounds
Outer Grounds
Harrowstone: First Floor
First Floor
Kendra and Trill
tbd extra roleplay title


Tracking Hobgoblins
The False Tree

Sheriff Benjen Caeller and his two deputies are approached after the party has been tracking the hobgoblin for most of the day. At the confluence of multiple hobgoblin slaver trails Rinthalion pushes the party to continue on and try and save the abducted smallfolk.

The party comes across a towering tree in a dark twisted forest.

They encounter 6 bugbears, 3 hobgoblin leaders, 8 hobgoblin minions.

Much difficulty is had and the tree catches fire. Riding an intricate escape mechanism Trill lunges onto the last remaining hobgoblin leader far into the air. While in the air Trill’s magic hat is removed but her true form is only visible to Kendra and the Sheriff.

Villagers saved:

  • Councilman Petros Ivanovic and son Androzi Ivanovic
  • Farmer (father of Kaleb the boy Trill befriended in town)
  • Farmer 2+3
  • Pale Lady (Woman, other village, disabused) – from Lastwall
  • Female villager from Ustalav – now “working” at Lorrimor Estate
Around Town: Laughing Demon
Laughing Demon

The adventurers visit the Laughing Demon tavern. Rinthalion orders some fine roasted taters after hearing the other delicacies that Zokar has to offer (vampire steaks, wolfballs, corpse chowder, and liquid ghosts).

While spending some time at the tavern a local musician group begins to play music.

Psychic emanation from Harrowstone occurs and the music calls to two bloody stirges from the nearby woods. These stirges do not attack the musicians but do cause tremendous ability damage to the party while sucking their blood.

Post-fight Rinthalion accuses the musicians of being black sorcerers! He tramples and destroys their instruments that he mistakenly thinks was the source of the stirge invasion. After much discussion and lamenting Rinthalion mends the musician’s instruments for hours while keeping his unwanted elf ears out of sight.


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