Carrion Crown + Homebrew

Tracking Hobgoblins

The False Tree

Sheriff Benjen Caeller and his two deputies are approached after the party has been tracking the hobgoblin for most of the day. At the confluence of multiple hobgoblin slaver trails Rinthalion pushes the party to continue on and try and save the abducted smallfolk.

The party comes across a towering tree in a dark twisted forest.

They encounter 6 bugbears, 3 hobgoblin leaders, 8 hobgoblin minions.

Much difficulty is had and the tree catches fire. Riding an intricate escape mechanism Trill lunges onto the last remaining hobgoblin leader far into the air. While in the air Trill’s magic hat is removed but her true form is only visible to Kendra and the Sheriff.

Villagers saved:

  • Councilman Petros Ivanovic and son Androzi Ivanovic
  • Farmer (father of Kaleb the boy Trill befriended in town)
  • Farmer 2+3
  • Pale Lady (Woman, other village, disabused) – from Lastwall
  • Female villager from Ustalav – now “working” at Lorrimor Estate



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