Carrion Crown + Homebrew

Around Town: Spring-Heeled Jack

Spring-Heeled Jack

The party hears rumors of a jet black small creature that is murdering people at night. Tales told always mention a wicked blade that seems unearthly in nature. Some folks in town believe that Trill could be this creature after seeing her transformation into her true form.

A survivor of one of his attacks has arrived in Ravengro and is making outlandish claims in the Laughing Demon tavern.

Half fable, half truth, Spring-Heeled Jack is the subject of popular gossip as well as mythic folklore. Often said to be a fiend of unknown origins, the cruel-eyed night terror is infamous for his love of trickery and spontaneous bursts of violence. Those who have seen his visage and lived to tell their story often have scars to prove the authenticity of their account, as Spring-Heeled Jack’s menacing knife is almost as famous as he is. By all accounts, Spring-Heeled Jack is a small and roguish-looking man with horns, garbed in a tattered vest, cape, and trousers. However odd his clothing may be, it is generally agreed that the sight of his dreadful cape or even the shadow of his hideously quick movements chills the hearts of men.

Spring-Heeled Jack stands about 4 feet tall and weighs about 80 pounds.



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